My name is Richard Marion and I am a photographer. Since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated about photography. At that time, I got a small camera as a present, since then I started to shoot around. I was invited either by the family or by my sister who was working in a kindergarten at that time to take pictures of the kids.
First of all, I have to say, that I have been living in Mauritius since I was at the age of 25, and then I moved up in the Northern part of Europe, Denmark. Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean and the landscapes are beautiful, especially if you are a photographer.When I moved to Denmark, I bought my first Canon camera, with two lenses and I have enjoyed it since then. Many families and friends pictures have been taken, on different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, parties and so on. Lots of Photo albums have been kept in safe place in order to use or watch occasionally.
Photography has always been my hobby, especially when a good picture has been taken, the composition, light and the way it was taken. Lot of things has to be considered before taking a successful picture. Nowadays it is much more easier to take pictures, as we are living in a digitalize world. Even though, someone is not a professional photographer, but you can still get a good picture. For some years ago, I bought my first digital compact camera, with 4.0 pixels, which was quite high at that time and then technology started to move faster, more and more pixels. I did not need to buy any more films for the camera and all pictures are stored on a simple security card. In 2009, I bought my first D-SLR Sony camera and I am very pleased with it, a standard lens and a long range objective. Since May 2013, I have upgraded my equipment with a Sony SLT-A77V.

Equipment I use:

Sony D-SLR A300
Sony SLT-A77V
Sony 16-50mm F 2.8
Sony 18-70mm
Minolta F.2.8 100mm
Minolta 70-210mm F 4
Tamron 70-300mm
Sony F 1.4 50mm
Sony F 1.4 85mm
Sigma 150-500mm F 5,6-6.3
Sigma Flash EF-610 DG Super.
Nissin DI700A Sony kit inc.Air Commander.
Tamron 10-24 mm
Hoya Pol filter 77mm
Marumi Graduated filter 72 mm
ND8 filter 77 mm
UV Hoya filter
Tripod O55XPROB Manfrotto
Manfrotto Video Head