• Basel-BaleBasel is located in northwest Switzerland on the river Rhine and has a major centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Beach VorupoerVorupoer is a coastal city and a fishing village in western Thy with 592 inhabitants (2013) [1], located in Thy Parish.
  • BerlinBerlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany. With a population of 3.4 million people.
  • Berlin 2013The Berlin Marathon is a major running and sporting event held annually in Berlin, Germany. The official marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers
  • BirdsBirds (class Aves or clade Avialae) are feathered, winged, two-legged, warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates.
  • Botanical GardenA botanical garden is a well-tended area displaying a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names.
  • BulbjergBulbjerg is "Jutland's only rock, only permanent" bulwark against the sea "- the words are St. St. Blichers and from 1839




  • EgonEgon Jensen is a Co-founder and member of Honour in the Hoersholm Photo club.
  • EgonEgon Jensen is a Co-founder and member of Honour in the Hoersholm Photo club.
  • Espergaerde BeachEspergaerde is situated north of Oersund and counted for statistical purposes as a town of Elsinore urban area.
  • Esrum LakeLake Esrum is the largest lake in Denmark by water volume and the second-largest lake by surface area, after lake Arresoe.




  • Halloween2011Halloween also known as All Hallows' Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All…
  • HanstholmHanstholm is a fishing town in Thy which is located in Hansted Parish. The city belongs to the municipality of Thisted and is located in North Jutland.
  • HDR-PicturesHigh-dynamic-range imaging ( HDR) is a set of techniques used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than possible using…
  • HelsingoerElsinore is a town in eastern North Zealand and the third largest metropolitan area after Copenhagen and Roskilde.
  • HilleroedHilleroed landmark is the large Frederiksborg Castle, which is home to the National History Museum including portrait gallery
  • Hirtshals LighthouseHirtshals Lighthouse was constructed in 1863 on a high plateau with a steep drop down to the sea towards the northwest.
  • HoersholmHørsholm is a town on the Øresund coast approximately 25 km (15.53 mi) north of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Hoersholm area and BoundariesPictures which had been taken in Hoersholm and it's surroundings.
  • Hoersholm ChurchHoersholm Church is located on an island in the middle of the lake in Hoersholm Palace Gardens. Previously, here Hirschholm Palace, which was demolished in the…
  • Hornbeak BeachHornbeak Beach is the largest and most visited beach on the coastline of North Sealand .
  • Horse ridingHorse riding is the riding of horses while controlling their movements, usually as a form of exercise, competition or for fun.
  • HosterkoebHoesterkoeb is a village in northern Zealand and is located in Birkeroed parish five kilometers southwest of Hoersholm.
  • HumlebaekHumlebæk is a city in northern Zealand with 9,252 inhabitants (2013) [1], located near Helsingoer motorway.
  • HundestedHundested located at the edge of the North Zealand coast to the west, where sky, sea and land meet.


  • InsectsInsects are arthropods and have exoskeletons, segmented bodies, and at least three pairs of legs.
  • InvertebratesInvertebrates are animal species that do not possess or develop a vertebral column.
  • Islands BryggeIslands Brygge is a district in Copenhagen in the northwest of the island of Amager.



  • Land creaturesTerrestrial animals are animals that live predominantly or entirely on land , as compared with aquatic animals, which live predominantly or entirely in the…
  • LandscapeLandscape is more than just scenery: it is the interaction between people and place.
  • LeavesA leaf is an organ of a vascular plant, as defined in botanical terms, and in particular in plant morphology.
  • Leif HaalLeif Haal is the secretary of Hoersholm Photo Club since its creation, september 2010.
  • Leif HaalLeif Haal is the secretary of Hoersholm Photo Club since its creation, september 2010.
  • Life in VorupoerThe place is known for coastal fishing and tourism. There are, as in Thorup beach, still commercial fishing in inshore boats from the open beach.
  • LyngbyLyngby is the gateway to North Zealand, where the old King's Road is located between the lakes, forests and castles.



  • New years 2013New Year's Day is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar used in the Roman Empire…
  • Night SceneNight Scene
  • Night SceneNight Scene
  • Nivaa BeachNivaa beach is situated in the north of Zealand and is a coastline town, located in Karlebo Parish.
  • North SeaThe North Sea is a sea in northern Europe. It is part of the Atlantic ocean between Norway and Denmark in the east.
  • NyhavnNyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stretching from Kongens Nytorv to the harbour.




  • Random PortraitThese pictures have been taken randomly on the street for portrait.
  • ReptilesReptiles are cold-blooded, air-breathing vertebrates, a group that includes snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, and alligators. Most hatch from…
  • Rick Astley ConcertRick Astley concert in Denmark on october 2011.
  • Rungsted HarbourRungsted is a neighborhood in the city of Hørsholm in the Hørsholm Municipality of Øresund, north of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Raabjerg MileRaabjerg Mile is the largest dune, located at the pile Klit plantage between Skagen and Frederikshavn.




  • Ulla MarieMarie Ulla is our photo model in our club.
  • Ulla MarieMarie Ulla is our photo model in our club.


  • Vedbeak BeachVedbaek is the only port by the sea in Rudersdal and located at Oersund between Copenhagen and Elsinore.
  • Vejby BeachSunset at Vejby beach